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How to Verify a Professional's License in Jackson?

It is your responsibility to carry out due diligence in ensuring that the professionals you intend to hire in Jackson possess valid licenses obtained from the appropriate agency. The Mississippi State Board of Contractors issues over 40 types of licenses to building professionals who provide their services to residents in Jackson. It is essential that you verify the licensing status of professionals you intend to hire in the city, and you can use the State Board of Contractors check a license portal to conduct this verification.

In addition to verifying licenses, you must ensure that you obtain all required permits for your project before you commence work. For instance, if your projects involve construction and other building-related activities, you must obtain permits for these projects from the Building Permits Office of the Jackson Office of City Planning. You can contact the city's Building Permits Office at (601) 960-1167 to make inquiries on the requisite permits for your planned projects.

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Do Jackson Neighborhood Councils
Issue Permits?

No, Jackson City Council does not issue permits. The city is made up of seven council wards, and every neighborhood in Jackson belongs to one of these wards. Each ward is represented by an elected representative in the Jackson City Council. These City Council ward representatives come together to legislate on issues that play an essential role in developing their respective neighborhoods. In August 2021, the City Council approved the use of over $1 Million to work on the multi-use trail along the City-owned Little J railroad from Valley Street toward Highway 80. This project aims to connect the trail to West Jackson and ensure that no part of the city is left out in the developmental projects. Similarly, in June 2021, the Jackson City Councilmembers deliberated on setting aside a budget transfer of $4 million for street paving and also voted for approval of $1.5 million to be given to the Jackson Housing Authority to begin building a men's homeless shelter. You can find out your neighborhood council ward via the city's ward map, and you can find information on your ward elected representative via the city's council member directory.

How to File an Unfair Business
Complaint in Jackson?

Complaints concerning deceptive professionals and unfair business practices in Jackson are reviewed and investigated by the Consumer Protection Division of the Mississippi Attorney General's Office. If you have been a victim of unfair business practices and you need to report such practices or need help from the consumer protection office, you can complete a consumer complaint form or email a consumer mediator of the Attorney General's Office to make a complaint. The Consumer Protection Office usually partners with the Mississippi State Bar and federal enforcers to ensure that your case is appropriately handled. The Attorney General's Office also employs the help of private attorneys to handle most of the complaints you file. If you want more information on the private lawyers provided by the Attorney General's Office, you can contact the office via email. However, you can still employ the services of a lawyer to pursue private legal action on your behalf, and you can use the lawyer directory provided by the Mississippi Bar to access lawyers practicing in Providence. For more information on the lawyer referral services, you can contact the Mississippi Bar at (601) 948-4471. Finally, you can also file a small claims lawsuit at the Hinds County Justice Court without a lawyer if your civil claim does not exceed $3,500.